Daily meals

What do we do?

Meal on wheels service in Loughborough

We are a family grown business, working approval of the council providing Loughborough with a meal on wheels service, every day there will be a different pre set menu using the finest vegetable and spices.

We also ensure that all health requirement are met by using low in saturates oils and low salt levels but still bringing out the aromatic flavours with use of traditional recipes.

A typical thali meal would consist of two types of vegetable, a dhal (lentil dish), rice, bread, and a sweet dish; this is where our name originates from as we are from Gujarat, and bringing the Surti tastes in to Loughborough, as is our passion.

We deliver twice a day once at lunchtime 12.00 – 13.00 Monday to Sunday and in the evening at dinnertime 18.00 – 19.00 Monday to Friday. The meal will be delivered to the correct temperature at your door step, the meal will consist six vegetarian items on a daily basis

  • One vegetable curry (differs day to day)
  • One lentils curry (differs from day to day)
  • Four chapattis/puris/bhatura
  • A portion of rice (varies from day to day)
  • Salad or raita (dependant on type of menu)
  • Dahl, khadhi or soup for the rice

If you wish to place an order, for either lunchtime or evening, you will need to contact Surti Swad on 07960042809 in advance. So that we can prepare the meal for you, for the lunchtime meal we would like know by 10.00 the day you want the meal and for the evening by 16.00 in order to obtain your meal within the allocated times.

We can deliver to any address in:-

  • Loughborough
  • Residential homes
  • University campuses


Plain Rice
Cauliflower, potato & peas curry
Chana curry